Stoke City's New Kit is a Beauty for Fans

• New kit to dazzle in the upcoming season
• Preseason is about to begin for Stoke City
• Schumacher's expectations are high, with work starting on July 1st
Stoke City's New Kit is a Beauty for Fans.
Stoke City's New Kit is a Beauty for Fans. / Charlotte Tattersall/GettyImages

Stoke City has launched a new edition of their kit for the upcoming season, which is now available for fans to purchase and proudly wear the 24/25 season's Stoke City jersey.

With a new style, The Potters have designed a luxurious jersey with a different tone than usual, giving us an incredibly spectacular design that will be the sensation of the season. Everyone will want to have this Stoke City jersey, wearing it with great love and pride for the club.

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A Fascinating Jersey for the Upcoming Season

For The Potters, this design is something special for the club, as they decided to release this secondary kit for the team. This season, it will be a great way to distinguish Stoke City in any match, and it might even be seen in some preseason games.

Preseason is just around the corner for The Potters, with training sessions starting soon, followed by friendly matches throughout July, marking the beginning of the season with Steve Schumacher at the helm.

His statements were also clear and concise, indicating that the time has finally come to work with the club in the best way possible to move forward and compete for a spot in the Premier League again. However, all of this will need to be worked on meticulously with Chris Cohen as the preseason kicks off on July 1st.

The kit is now available for purchase and can be found on the official Stoke City website. What do you think of The Potters' new kit?