Steve Schumacher's Statements Ahead of Preseason with Stoke City FC

• The wait is getting shorter each day, and The Potters are very close to returning to competition
• Steve Schumacher's statements excite Stoke City fans for the upcoming season
• Schumacher and Cohen will do great work to push this club forward
Steve Schumacher's Statements Ahead of Preseason with Stoke City FC
Steve Schumacher's Statements Ahead of Preseason with Stoke City FC / Charlotte Tattersall/GettyImages

For The Potters, the start of preseason feels different, filled with ambition and a desire to keep competing, aiming to deliver the best results for the fans and the club.

Stoke City begins their preseason on July 1st, just three days away. Steve Schumacher shares his feelings about this moment with The Potters, preparing to compete once again in the EFL Championship. He discusses his views on the team and what needs to be worked on to be in the best possible shape.

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Ambition for the 24/25 Season

Schumacher will be working closely with Chris Cohen for the upcoming season. As we are just a step away from experiencing Stoke City matches in the EFL Championship again, Schumacher has been focused on The Potters even during his holidays, thinking about what the club will go through.

"The sun's out, the lines are getting painted on the pitch. I've been in, obviously when I haven't been on holiday, I've been in the building anyway and seeing the progress and how everything's developing over the summer, and yeah, just can't wait to get everyone back in now and really attack this preseason."

Steve Schumacher

Preseason is crucial for the season as it involves planning each tactic, position, and moment of play that will be experienced throughout the sports year. Each match will be different, and for each match, they will need to find the solution to achieve the best possible result.

"It's such an important preseason for us that we get everybody organized and as fit as possible because it's going to be another intense season and we need to make sure we're prepared for it. Can you take the momentum from how we finished last season into the next? I hope so, yeah, that'll be the aim."

Steve Schumacher

He also reviewed the previous season, discussing how he plans to overcome challenges and, most importantly, improve each player for the next season, making Stoke City a better team every day.

"We finished the season really strongly. Overall, in the 24 games that I was in charge here, we had some ups and downs and picked up some points that gave us confidence and belief that if we get things right."

Steve Schumacher