Stoke City Listens to Its Fans for Kit Creation 2025/2026

In a meeting that included both fans and the club itself, the decision was made regarding Stoke City's kit for the 2025/2026 season, which will be launched in the summer of 2025.
Stoke City Listens to Its Fans for Kit Creation 2025/2026.
Stoke City Listens to Its Fans for Kit Creation 2025/2026. / Gary Oakley/GettyImages

For Stoke City, it's very important to take care of their community and give them a voice in some club decisions, especially those involving the design and promotion of the team's kits for upcoming seasons. For example, the kit for the 25/26 season is practically ready.

With one season remaining before that year, The Potters held two assemblies with their fans to reach a final decision on the home kit design. Although the kit for the 24/25 season is already available for purchase, the club has prepared for the future by planning for the next season.

The fans' decisions on the designs varied, generating much debate in the room about whether to stick with tradition or try something new. In the end, the survey revealed a clear winner for the 25/26 kit, maintaining a traditional look while still being beautiful. This kit will be produced in the coming months and launched in the summer of 2025.

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The Chief Operating Officer commented on the decision-making process involving the fan assemblies regarding the kit for the 25/26 season, noting that the process was effective and positive in bringing the club and fans together.

"We have enjoyed two invaluable and stimulating sessions with supporters, which ultimately shaped the design of the new kit for 25/26. Throughout the two meetings, there was a lot of debate and a wide range of opinions, but once the final designs were created, there was a clear winner in the supporters' vote."

Simon King, The Chief Operating Officer

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