A possible exit for the Stoke City forward

• The search for a reliable forward for Stoke City continues.
• His possible departure is due to a lack of minutes; he hasn't found his place at The Potters.
• He is open to leaving but could also stay with the club.
A possible exit for the Stoke City forward.
A possible exit for the Stoke City forward. / Ben Roberts Photo/GettyImages

In a rather lackluster season for the forwards at The Potters, a revamp of the team’s offense is being considered. This transfer window, the club is expected to secure a forward with a guaranteed scoring ability and, why not, some wingers who can also contribute to the team’s attack.

The forward has the door open for an exit.

In this case, a potential departure of Niall Ennis seems quite feasible for the team. He has not managed to get enough minutes on the field, and when he did, he did not perform as the type of forward Stoke City needs.

Having arrived in the 23-24 season from Blackburn Rovers, this English forward has only played 668 minutes, appearing in 14 matches and scoring just one goal in the EFL Championship for Stoke City. Rumors suggest that Derby County is interested in this 25-year-old forward. Given that he has not had the expected minutes or goals in the last six months, a departure might be the best option for Niall Ennis.

Similarly, Stoke City is expected to sign a new forward in this transfer window to better fill the position. The team needs a forward who can score and assist, as well as a rotational forward on the bench who can contribute goals when the main forward is unavailable.

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The preseason has just started for Stoke City, and the transfer window still has a long way to go. Despite only three signings for The Potters so far, a significant offensive signing is anticipated soon.