Stoke City is aiming for a Premier League forward

• A young prospect from Crystal Palace
• Interest is growing as Stoke City aims to immediately bolster its offense
• For the 21-year-old footballer, getting minutes next season is crucial
Stoke City is aiming for a Premier League forward
Stoke City is aiming for a Premier League forward / Sebastian Frej/MB Media/GettyImages

In this transfer window, Stoke City has sought to strengthen its squad in preparation for the upcoming season and a potential playoff push to return to the Premier League.

Currently, rumors abound that Stoke City is eyeing a forward from the Premier League who plays for Crystal Palace. At just 21 years old, Jeseurun Rak Sakyi is seen as one of England's promising young talents in the Premier League.

The Englishman possesses excellent positioning on the field, making his offensive prowess invaluable for any team worldwide. Stoke City isn't alone in their interest; Luton Town, Sunderland, and QPR are also keen on securing this young forward for their respective teams.

However, Stoke City is particularly keen on acquiring the player, especially since Crystal Palace is not looking to sell but rather loan him out with a potential future return to the club. Stoke City is slowly persuading Rak Sakyi that he could fit perfectly into their team, possibly formalizing a transfer in the future.

Last season, Rak Sakyi played 6 games in the Premier League, accumulating 132 minutes in one of Europe's top competitions. Additionally, in the Premier League 2 with Crystal Palace, he played 3 games, scoring 4 goals and providing an assist in 229 minutes of play, highlighting his significant goal-scoring contribution. The young English forward is versatile, capable of playing as a right winger, left winger, or even a center forward, though his best position is on the right wing.

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For Stoke City, securing a young talent with significant potential would be crucial. Steve Schumacher's team aims to acquire a forward like Rak Sakyi for the upcoming season, but they continue to assess the market and what would be most beneficial for the club. While a loan deal from Crystal Palace could be a viable option, it might not be the ideal choice for The Potters.