The Standout Player of the Season for Stoke City

In a season with many ups and downs for The Potters, they failed to achieve a positive position within the EFL Championship. However, amid the chaos of this season, one player stood out remarkably for the club.
The Standout Player of the Season for Stoke City.
The Standout Player of the Season for Stoke City. / Gary Oakley/GettyImages

At just 22 years old, Ki-Jana Hoever has become a key player for Stoke City from his position as a defender. His great offensive display has contributed significantly in terms of goals, in addition to fulfilling his defensive role adequately.

For Stoke City, the Dutch footballer Ki-Jana Hoever was fundamental this season. He was the standout player for The Potters, where his contribution on the field went beyond his role as a right-back, scoring 4 goals and providing 5 assists throughout the season.

It is important to highlight the work of this 22-year-old footballer since the team lacks a player who can consistently guarantee goals. Consequently, the entire squad contributes in various ways to the club’s scoring efforts. This situation creates significant insecurity for the team’s forward line, as their contribution leaves much to be desired for Stoke City fans.

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The Search for Offensive Strength at Stoke City

For the next season, it is crucial to have a positive transfer market to turn around the failures of previous seasons. The aim is to find the formula that will restore The Potters to greatness and return them to the Premier League.

It has now been six years since Stoke City last played in the Premier League, causing great concern among The Potters' fans. Back in the 2017/2018 season, under the management of Paul Lambert, the team suffered a catastrophic relegation to the second division of England, and they have struggled to regain their footing ever since.