The Possibility of the Two Moroccan Brothers Playing Together at Stoke City

• An interview clarifies the future of Ryan Mmaee

• There is a possibility of reuniting him with his brother to play for The Potters

• The transfer market is open for Stoke City, as long as it adds value to the team

The Possibility of the Two Moroccan Brothers Playing Together at Stoke City
The Possibility of the Two Moroccan Brothers Playing Together at Stoke City / Laszlo Szirtesi/GettyImages

In this transfer window, The Potters have shown interest in various players, aiming to cover every position on the field as effectively as possible. This indicates that signings in every position are important.

Whether they are defensive or offensive players, it is essential to have both starters and potential substitutes who can step in when needed. Therefore, The Potters could bring the two Moroccan brothers to the club.

The players in question are Samy Mmaee and Ryan Mmaee. Ryan has mentioned the possibility of his brother joining Stoke City, allowing them to play together in the upcoming season.

Ryan has been with Stoke City for a year, experiencing both highs and lows during the 23/24 season. However, rumors of his possible departure have been somewhat clarified following his recent statements. It seems there is a strong possibility that Samy Mmaee might join The Potters.

The Moment of Samy Mmaee

Samy, 27 years old, is currently a free agent after ending his contract with Ferencváros in Hungary, where he played over 113 matches, scoring 6 goals and providing 4 assists. These statistics are noteworthy since Samy is a central defender.

However, he can also play as a right-back and defensive midfielder, raising expectations about his ball-handling skills. This versatility would be invaluable for Stoke City, providing a reliable figure in the defensive zone.

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Although Ben Gibson, one of the most experienced and highly regarded players in recent years in the EFL, has already been signed, adding another solid central defender wouldn't hurt. Samy could come off the bench, contributing significant minutes, and potentially solidify his position in Stoke City's first team.

There is a high possibility of seeing the Mmaee brothers together, and we will see if this deal can be completed during the transfer window.