Stoke City Returns to Training: The Preseason is Here!

• Players return home for their first preseason training session

• Stoke City's three new signings join Steve Schumacher's squad

• The preseason begins with physical training in the gym.

Stoke City Returns to Training: The Preseason is Here!
Stoke City Returns to Training: The Preseason is Here! / Gary Oakley/GettyImages

The preseason for Stoke City began on July 1st, with players arriving for their pre-competitive training sessions in preparation for the 2024-2025 season. The arrival of the players was celebrated with a grand photo session released by Stoke City, showcasing them arriving in great spirits and happy to be back at the club's facilities.

The first meeting took place in the gym, where the players are working on their physical conditioning to ensure they are at their best for the upcoming EFL Championship season. The main goal for the season is to secure a spot in the playoffs, a focus that will be emphasized throughout the preseason and beyond.

What to Expect from The Potters This Preseason?

Before the start of the preseason, Steve Schumacher emphasized how he wants to work with the players, along with Chris Cohen. Both coaches believe that mentality is crucial for the players, and decision-making on the field is fundamental to achieving the best results for The Potters.

One of the standout players, Bae Junho, has also returned. He arrived from South Korea after participating in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, where he made his debut and scored. Bae Junho joins the preseason in top form.

Additionally, new signings Eric Bocat, Ben Gibson, and Victor Johansson have joined the preseason and are already wearing Stoke City's colors with pride.

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High Expectations for Preseason

There are high expectations for this preseason, especially as the team prepares for upcoming matches to test their current form. These matches will help determine what the team needs to improve on to ensure that when the EFL Championship season begins, The Potters are fully prepared.