Changes in Plans for This Footballer with Stoke City

• Josh Laurent could leave The Potters at the start of the season

• A crucial moment for Stoke City in the transfer market

• Turkish football could be Laurent's potential destination

Changes in Plans for This Footballer with Stoke City
Changes in Plans for This Footballer with Stoke City / Jess Hornby/GettyImages

In this transfer window, Stoke City has made three very important signings for the club, all focused on the defensive side. However, there is still a long way to go this summer, and it is expected that they will strengthen in more positions.

Reinforcements are needed in the midfield and offensive areas to build a highly competitive squad for the upcoming EFL Championship season. Just as there are new arrivals at The Potters, there could also be departures.

Josh Laurent could leave Stoke City

This is the case with Josh Laurent. Although it initially seemed that the player would stay with the team, there is a possibility that Laurent could be sold during the season, possibly at the start. There are rumors that Turkish football is interested in this English midfielder.

His development on the field and his physical prowess make him a very complete midfielder. While he still has room for improvement, he remains an ideal player for any team's midfield.

Turkish football appears to be waiting for him if the interest in his valuation at the start of the season is confirmed. This could be a significant loss for Stoke City, as his energy and strong mentality have made him one of the best leaders at The Potters in recent years.

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A crucial loss for Steve Schumacher

At 29 years old, he has been with the club for a considerable time, and for Steve Schumacher and Chris Cohen, he could be a key player to continue projecting on the field and giving his best. However, there could be compromising offers for this player.

Stoke City is planning for a very important season to compete next year, and Josh Laurent could be the potential departure that allows the team to bring in more talented players.

While the speculation about Laurent's future with The Potters is not entirely clear, it is known that his departure would be a significant loss for Steve Schumacher's team, as Josh Laurent's energy is unmatched by any other midfielder in the EFL Championship.