Stoke City vs. Blackpool: Another Golden Opportunity for Stoke

On Wednesday Stoke City beat Huddersfield 3-0 in what was a must win match for the club — Now skip ahead to the weekend and not only do The Potters have another crucial game in front of them against Blackpool, but the club also has another golden opportunity.

Blackpool going into Saturday’s match against Stoke sit at the very bottom of the Championship table at 24th with 28 points. But not only does Blackpool sit at the bottom of the table, the team also ranks 2nd to last in the Championship in terms of goals conceded with 47.

Hints, why Stoke City have a golden opportunity in front of them on the road Saturday — That opportunity being a chance to separate themselves even more from the relegation line this week, while taking on one of the league’s worst sides.

Stoke City vs. Blackpool Prediction:

The last time these two clubs met was way back in August, when Stoke City beat Blackpool 2-0. There’s no doubt that since then, both of these club’s seasons haven’t gone the way either side would have wanted them to go.

None of that matters now though, as both clubs fight to stay above the relegation line late in the season — What also doesn’t matter necessarily either is that previous result between both of these clubs.

Even though Stoke City beat Blackpool early on in the season, both of these teams now are very much very different sides — Which is why Saturday’s game should be an interesting and competitive game.

The good news for Stoke City is that every stat and metric still points to The Potters having an edge against Blackpool on Saturday. It’ll just once again come down to whether or not Stoke City can mentally stay switched on and avoid any big letdowns during the match.

If they can, The Potters should away away with another three points on Saturday. And maybe even in convincing fashion.

Final Prediction: Stoke City win 2-0 on the road against Blackpool.