Stoke Pick Up Their Biggest Result of the Season?

In two weeks time, this piece may be obsolete as Stoke City may have picked up a bigger win by then. In fact, with every point crucial to The Potters safety of avoiding relegation this season, one might argue that every win from here on out is their biggest result of the season — But, we’ll cross those bridges when we get there. The important part thing right now is that Stoke City just grabbed their biggest result of the year with a 3-0 win over Huddersfield.

Why is it Stoke City’s biggest result of the year you might ask? Well, the first answer is an obvious one of course, that simply put Stoke City needed points badly and just picked up all three at home on Wednesday. However, there’s other reasons as well you can look to as well.

Another huge reason as to why Wednesday’s win was the club’s best result this season, is that their win came against a team that could threaten their Championship status. With where Huddersfield sit on the table at 23rd in the relegation zone, a loss or a draw for The Potters on Wednesday could have spelled even more disaster.

If it wasn’t enough that Stoke City are sitting near the bottom of the table, dropping points to Huddersfield could have meant no room for error moving forward. The final reason why Wednesday’s win was Stoke’s biggest, was that rarely this season has the team cruised to victory. And on Wednesday the club did just that.

Was Stoke City aided by a second half red card? Of course they were. After all, two of the team’s three goals came after Huddersfield went down a player. But that’s not what’s important. The important thing is that Stoke City dominated Huddersfield and won convincingly.

So even if the dominant win came against a bottom-table team that was playing with 10 men, it still means progress. And it still means that manager Alex Neil is getting through the importance of matches to his players and how important it is to play well in must-win matches.

Next up for Stoke City the team travels to take on Blackpool on Saturday — The Potters going into that match now sit at 19th on the table with 37 points —That’s good enough to separate Stoke from the relegation area by seven points.