A Little Bit of Breathing Room for Stoke City

Before Stoke City’s 4-0 win this past Saturday against Reading, The Potters were in desperate need for some breathing room on the table — As Stoke City at the time were just four points out from relegation position and five points away from being at the very bottom of the table.

Fast forward to Monday now, and while Stoke City are still far from out of the woods in terms of relegation, Saturday’s win against Reading does give The Potters some breathing room in terms of table position.

As of right now Stoke City sit at 18th on the table with 33 points. That’s good enough to give Stoke City a seven point cushion in the relegation table and an eight point buffer to the bottom of the table.

Again, that’s not a huge gap of points and one or two bad matches for Stoke City could once again bring them into relegation position. But for now their table position does give Stoke City some comfort in knowing a string of performances can give this season a breath of fresh air.

A breath of fresh air in terms of at the very least saving their season from relegation — Next up for Stoke City is an FA Cup game this upcoming weekend against Stevenage in the fourth round of the tournament.

Stoke City will next play in a Championship match on February 4th when the club travels to take on Luton Town.