Stoke City’s Fanbase Has Had Enough

There’s frustration all around with Stoke City because of how the club has performed so far this season. That frustration spans from most likely the coaches, the players, the media, and definitely all the way down to the fans.

On Wednesday, we at “All Stoked Up” asked Stoke City fans on social media how they were feeling right now as The Potters sit at 18th on the table and have lost back-to-back games. Here is how fans and some readers of the website responded:

William F. responded on Facebook saying: “Angry very angry”.

Michael C. commented saying “Dissatisfied”.

Another Facebook commenter Bash C. even threw things back to the days of Tony Pulis leading the club, saying: “We (Stoke City) have made a lot of progress since Tony Pulis was kicked out, but unfortunately (things are going) in the wrong direction and it’s not over yet.”

Many other responses on Twitter went on to describe similar frustration among the fanbase — Stoke City fans will have their next chance to shake that frustration towards the team on Sunday when the club takes on Hartlepool in the FA Cup.

Stoke City’s next match in the Championship won’t come until next Saturday as the team travels to take on Sheffield United.