A Look at Stoke City’s FIFA 23 Ratings

Later this week, you’ll not only be able to watch Stoke City, you can play them too! This is because FIFA 23 will drop this Friday for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC gamers everywhere. If you’re a FIFA fan, the launch of the new game brings excitement every year. What makes the annual tradition of checking out the newest game features even more exciting is the ability to see how real players and teams have been rated.

FIFA 23 Team Ratings

For example, Stoke City start out the new FIFA gaming season with an overall three star rating of the possible five stars a team can get. By comparison, teams like Paris Saint Germain and Manchester City have full five star ratings. Teams in the Championship rarely get above three and a half stars.

FIFA 23 Player Ratings

Regarding player ratings at 73 overall, center-back Aden Flint takes the cake for Stoke City as far as the team’s highest-rated overall player goes. Tariqe Fosu-Henry, Harry Souttar, and Nick Powell follow him as the next highest rated overall players. All three are rated at 72 overall right now.

Striker Liam Delap, on loan from Manchester City, is the team’s lowest rated first teamer at 63 overall. As for a couple of other Stoke City loanees, Dujon Sterling from Chelsea sits at 68 overall. Meanwhile, Gavin Kilkenny on loan from Bournemouth is rated 66 overall.

These ratings will change for sure over the course of the season, with many players already being updated on game launch.

FIFA 23 Stoke City Formation

On the formation front, FIFA 23 developers have given Stoke City a default 5-3-2 formation in game. While manager Alex Neil normally has chosen to start games in a 3-5-2 formation, the 5-3-2 formation given to Stoke City is nearly accurate due to the team’s defensive shape game-to-game.

FIFA 23 drops everywhere on Friday with the game’s standard edition. If you choose to purchase the games Ultimate Edition you will be given early access to playing the game starting right now.

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