Tyrese Campbell is Stoke City’s most dangerous forward

Tyrese Campbell is Stoke City’s most dangerous forward

If you are looking for a player of the season so far for Stoke City you probably have a number of options. The first names that come to mind are most likely Harry Souttar and Adam Davies. On the offensive side, Stoke’s best performers have been a combination of Tyrese Campbell, Nick Powell, and Steven Fletcher. Of these, Tyrese Campbell has a legitimate argument of being the most prolific so far this season.

Scoring Stats: 3 goals, 5 assists in 7 starts and 589 minutes of play

These stats put Campbell second on the team in goals, only trailing Fletcher who has 4. Campbell is also the clear leader in assists with 5, the next closest Stoke player only has 1. The most convincing stat in favor of Campbell would be that Campbell has a 1.22 goals+assists/90 minutes. Quite simply, Tyrese Campbell is the most dangerous Stoke forward because he scores and creates. Looking at the same stat (goals/assists per 90) the next closest Stoke player is Nick Powell who comes in with a 0.64 rating.

There is also reason to believe we haven’t even seen the best of Campbell yet this season. He’s only started 7 matches and has played 589 minutes this season, good enough for 8th on the team in minutes played. While 589 minutes is the second most of any forward on Stoke (Fletcher with 706 minutes), it still reflects that Campbell has room to be featured more in the starting eleven. Manager Michael O’Neill seems to recognizing Campbell’s importance as he earned back to back recent starts against Watford and Reading with little time for rest between.

Championship-wide Statistics

Campbell’s impressive start to the season can also be put into context when you see how his stats compare to other Championship forwards.

  • Tied for 10th in goals/90 – 0.46
  • Tied for league lead in assists – 5
  • First in assists/90 – 0.76
  • Tied for 4th in goals + assists – 8
  • Second in goals + assists/90 – 1.22
  • First in goals + assists/90 minus penalties – 1.22

Anyone objectively looking at Championship forward stats this year would probably say that it is a close competition between Blackburn’s Adam Armstrong and Campbell for best forward in the Championship. Stoke fans should be excited for more to come from their young forward.