Inflatable snakes are the least of Gary Rowett’s worries

Derby County fans are reportedly going to bring inflatable snakes to Derby County’s clash against Stoke City as a way of indicating that Gary Rowett is a traitor, not that Rowett seems worried as he joked that “If they want to bring inflatables, which I’ve heard, it’s going to be really windy. So those inflatables could be in danger of blowing away, and secondly, I bought shares in a very popular inflatables shop in Derby recently and I’m looking forward to raking in the profits.”  In all seriousness, Rowett has more to worry then about inflatable snakes.

Gary Rowett has increasingly copped flak for his negative tactics which have seen dull performances continue week in and week out for Stoke City. A win is much needed to give hope to Stoke City supporters that promotion is a legitimate goal and to save Rowett’s job. Peter Coates sacked Mark Hughes after Stoke City were languishing in the bottom three, while Stoke City are currently mid-table,  with the money they have invested in players and also the calibre of existing players, mid-table is like relegation.

The current view with Stoke City supporters is that they wouldn’t actually mind if Stoke loses if they played a bit more attacking and freely because at the moment its not like Rowett can justify his defensive style by saying Stoke City are getting wins by playing defensively, its like literal torture for Stoke City fans.

Gary Rowett has a lot more to worry about then inflatable snakes especially if Stoke lose to Derby County



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