Stoke City is the Championship Manchester United

A long time ago it seemed far-fetched to compare Manchester United with Stoke City, United were at the top of European football and Stoke was just good, old Stoke,  the team that just loved finishing ninth but this season Stoke City’s woes and Manchester United’s woes are quite similar.

Firstly, Gary Rowett is literally Jose Mourinho, a manager that is struggling to get wins even though their respective teams carve out chances, while pundits slam both managers for their dull and negative tactics. Both teams have budgets that are considerably bigger than other teams in their respective leagues, also both teams have high-quality players that aren’t exactly playing well, James McClean is an example of that, a player that on his day could be a whirlwind of a winger and for Manchester United, it would be Paul Pogba, the Frenchman who could win a game for United if he wanted, the key is if he wanted.

Secondly, they both have forwards that have seemed to l=have lost all confidence and probably can’t score a goal to save their lives. Benik Afobe has a lack of support from his fellow midfielders and was just dropped by Rowett as his promising start to his Stoke City career seems to have turned into a nightmare. While Romelu Lukaku has been dropped to the bench for a couple of weeks now, Mourinho’s tactics have dulled the Belgian’s striking abilities.

However, unlike Rowett, Mourinho still has the support of the fans and his team can still conjure up a win, however, ugly and desperate it looks.

That is the key difference between Manchester United and Stoke City.

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